Best Color Contacts for Blue Eyes

Beautiful and elegant color as blue always reminds us of the deep vast sea. And this is also one of the reasons why so many non-blue eyed people like to wear colored contact lenses to change their original eye color to blue. Well, but people with natural blue eyes might not have such a desire of blue eyes, some of them might be eager for a change.

So since approximately 8% of people in the world have blue eyes, what kind of color contacts can be regarded as the best for blue eyes? Here I’d like to recommend you several color contact products to you.

 1.Sung Kyung Pink

 The color of Sung Kyung Pink colored contact lenses is gorgeous and shinning that many girls are fond of. And some of girls even wish to have a pair of pink eyes. Sung Kyung Pink just give them the chance to be what they want to be. And if you are a blue-eyed girl, this colored contact lenses is particularly suitable for you. Because your light natural eye color can better help the colored contacts blend in with your original eye color.

1.Mystery Red

 Mystery Red is also fit for blue-eyed people. It can cover the blue color in your eyes completely and make your eyes look bigger. Besides, many users make comments like "They look absolutely stunning." and "I love it so much!" on this decent colored contact lenses. from their comments we could make sure that the product is very reliable that is worth to have a try. So, if you want to know more details about it, just click the subtitle.

2.PRO Crystal Gray

This is the last colored contact lenses recommendation for you, the PRO Crystal Gray, which is from Microeyelenses. PRO Crystal Gray has a color between gray and light blue. That's really a aesthetic color combination which give people a feeling of tranquility. And this colored contacts is also very light, soft and comfortable to wear.

 Well, here are all my recommendations on color contact for blue eyes for you. Hope this article can be useful to you. And if you have any questions or suggestions, please leave us a comment below.