Can You See Through White Contacts?

White Contacts are some of the most popular Halloween Contacts available, but can you see through them? In short, yes, and no! It depends which pair you’re referring to. For example Pure White Colored Contacts Lens, one of the most famous pairs (seen below) can be seen through perfectly. There’s a clear area in the middle of lens for your pupil which is the black dot in the center of each eye that you see out of. So then there are pairs like the White Mesh Colored Contact Lens (seen below). White Mesh along with any mesh style has some of the ink overlapping your pupil, therefor causing a slight obstruction of vision in order to create the intended special effect.

But you can see through White Mesh Colored Contact Lens too, just not perfectly. Most people experience a slight blur in their vision, other people occasionally express that the blur went away after some time and they caan see without impairment. So due a large possibility of impaired vision from the Mesh Styles we always advise you not to drive when wearing mesh styles, or conduct any activity that a slight vision impairment could be problematic.

Pure White Colored Contacts Lens

Do you notice the black circle in the middle of each eye? These are your actual pupils, being shown through the clear area on the lens. You see with your pupil, not with the iris (the area covered by the white lens). For that reason, nearly all Circle Colour Colored Contacts does not put ink in the center, so you can both see, and look incredible. 🙂

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Now these, these are White Mesh Contacts, if you’ll notice there’s a lot of tiny black dots on the lens, each of these are actually just completely clear dots that let your natural eye color come through. However, they’ll just appear as black dots because they’re too small to really allow color to come through.

With the clear black dots, comes a lot of white lines, creating a Mesh like effect, these white lines will overlap your Pupil and usually cause vision impairment. So anytime you see a lens that does not have a clear area in the middle, you can expect it to impair vision.

The White Mesh Contacts are often called Blind Contact Lenses since they’re the absolute best to achieve a blind look, and still see through them and are the second top selling pair. They make the perfect pair of Storm Contact Lenses, the amazing X-Men Character! Creating a foggy white effect just like Storm.