Can you wear contact lenses to take a nap at noon?

Can you wear a contact lens to take a nap, share it with everyone today, and solve your worries together.

Although the contact lens solves the constraint that some people want to get rid of the frame glasses, the contact lens suggests that it is not possible to wear a contact lens to sleep because of its particularity.

Since the contact lens directly contacts the eye, it hinders the breathing of the eye to a certain extent. Even a thin contact lens that is permeable to oxygen will have some discomfort because of wearing it for a long time. If the contact lens is worn, it is even worse for the eyes. During the day, the eye can also keep the lens moist through the blink of an eye, but when you wear a contact lens to sleep, you can't blink, the lens will naturally dry and harden.

Usually, there are two possibilities for people to wear contact lenses to sleep. One is a noon or a short time, and the other is to wear contact lenses to sleep overnight.

It’s not a big problem to wear a contact lens at noon, but if you don’t, you can have a comfortable nap. After all, wearing a contact lens will cause the lens to become hard and the eyes will be easy. Dry up. For day-wearing contact lenses, you must not wear them overnight. When you sleep, your eyes will secrete proteins and other substances. These substances adhere to the lenses, reducing lens comfort and oxygen permeability. Wearing contact lenses overnight damage to the eyes is very large.

Whether you wear a contact lens to take a nap at noon or sleep at night with a contact lens, it will affect the comfort of wearing. If you did for a long time, the eyes will definitely have a bad condition. The contact lens is not good for the eyes if you wear too long time, let alone wear it to sleep at night.

Usually we can use tears to relieve the symptoms of dry eyes, but when you sleep, you can't do this, so Micro Eye Lenses is here to remind everyone that wearing contact lenses is a very dangerous behavior, everyone must pay attention to invisible When wearing glasses, try not to wear contact lenses to sleep, especially at night.