Change Your Eye Color with Colored Contact Lenses for Halloween or Every Day

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, a time when you can dress up like your alter ego, or be someone completely new! It’s a day (or weekend full of celebrations!) when you can totally change your look, or try on a new personality. After all cosmetic colored contact lenses aren’t just for the movies anymore! You can get cool cat eye colors, complete white out lenses for a creepy, zombie-esque look, or lenses that let you look like your favorite anime character.

The great thing about colored contacts? You can totally change your look for the Halloween festivities in the blink of an eye! But colored contacts aren’t just for the holidays (although they’re a great time to try them out!) Colored contact lenses for everyday wear let you rock the eye color you wish you were born with.

Colored contacts are available in both prescription and non prescription, in case you don’t need vision correction but still want to change your eye color. Their 3-in-one color technology enhances any eye color for a natural, beautiful look (so one needs to know!). From sheer tints that enhance your natural eye color, or more dramatic, opaque color that completely changes your eye color!

Most Popular Contact Lenses 

Halloween Contact Lenses are here! Our top-tier novelty contact lenses add the perfect touch to all those great ghost and goblin costumes. And that's not all! Our lenses are the same type of special effect contacts used in Hollywood movies by your favorite movie stars. And if you aren't sure which what you want to be for Halloween, we've got some awesome Halloween Costume ideas for you!

Scleral Lenses Contact Lenses

Boo! Happy Halloween! Our frightening scleral effects contact lenses are perfect for zombies, vampires, monsters and other creepy creatures. Consider a Evil Washout, Blood Red or Furious Werewolf contacts to really freak out your friends. This collection of theatrical contact lenses goes way beyond traditional contact lenses.