Contact lens factory analyzes the cause of wearing contact lens pain

Contact lenses are now very popular beauty artifacts, their eyes are brighter and bigger, and their charm is greatly improved. However, contact lenses are intimate contact with the eyes. Some people wear contact lenses, which may cause discomfort, red eyes, dry eyes, etc. What about eye contact pain?

1. If it is the first time to wear contact lenses, it may not be applicable and needs to be adapted for a period of time. However, if it is worn for a long time and the eyes are hurt, it is very likely that the eyes are inflamed. Generally, the lens is not well treated, and the lens is deposited with some protein and other substances, which breed bacteria and cause eye inflammation. If the eye is hurt by this reason, you need to take off the contact lens and go to the hospital for treatment.

2. If I have contact lenses, if the eyes are very red, it is likely to be corneal hypoxia. This is because the cornea is bloodless and needs to be taken from the air. If it is worn for a long time, the cornea is prone to hypoxia, causing blood vessels to proliferate and the eyes to look red. In this case, do not wear contact lenses.

3. If it is because of the long time of wearing, it will cause eye fatigue, which will cause eye pain. The main reason is that the eyes are dry. The contact lenses absorb the moisture in the eyes and can drip the eye drops. To ease, or wear frame glasses, contact lenses and frame glasses to wear.

4. If the base curve of the lens is deviated, or if the quality of the lens is problematic, the eye will be hurt after wearing it. Be sure to buy a genuine contact lens that suits you.

5. If there are behaviors in these situations, such as wearing contact lenses to watch TV, wearing contact lenses, staying up late, wearing contact lenses, etc., are all irritating to the eyes. Pain in the eyes, so try to avoid wearing contact lenses to do something that irritates your eyes.