How Do I Put Contacts In?

The idea of seeing perfectly without clunky glasses sitting on your face can be very enticing. However, actually putting in contacts can be difficult, especially for people new to contact lenses. With these tips, you will be able to find the easiest way to put in contacts.

Make Sure Your Contact Lens Is Not Inside Out

Many of my patients who are just starting out wearing contacts have trouble telling if their contact lens is inside out, The trick is to make sure your contact lens forms a cup when it is on your finger. You can tell by holding the contact in front of your eyes so that you are looking at the side of the cup.

When the lens forms a "U" with the top edges flared out, the contact lens is inside out. Instead, the proper position is when your contact forms a "U" perfectly.

Don't worry if you can’t tell if your contact lens is inside out in your eye. You will feel some discomfort immediately. Don’t panic either, simply remove the contact lens, invert it and place back into the eye.

Applying Your Contact Lenses

Make sure your hands are thoroughly washed and dried with a lint free towel/cloth before applying your contact lenses, and avoid any oily or heavily-scented soaps or any products that contain moisturizing components. Lotions or oils can transfer from your fingertips to the contact lens, making them very uncomfortable upon insertion. 

Before you open up your contact lenses case, gently shake the case to ensure that the contacts are not stuck. Gently shaking the case will loosen the contact lenses from any part of the case. If you forget to shake the case and end up pulling the stuck contact away with your fingers, there is a higher chance of damaging the lens.

Place the contact lens into the palm of your hand and rinse with an approved contact lens solution. Your doctor can help you select the right kind. Then, place the contact lens on your index or middle finger. With your other hand, pull your upper eyelid up and pull down your lower eyelid. Place the contact straight onto your eye then gently close and roll your eye to make sure the lens has settled into position on your eye. Your lens should be comfortable and clear. If not, just take it out and try it again.

Contact Lens Safety Tips

Most people say learning how to put in contacts in the beginning can be a little tricky, but after some practice, it becomes second nature. But, here are some quick Do's and Don'ts to make the process a little easier.

  DO make sure your contact lenses and storage cases are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

  DO replace your contact lenses regularly, according to your doctor's instructions.

  DO always rub contact lenses when you clean them, even if using a "no-rub" solution.

  DON'T place contact lenses in your mouth or use saliva to wet them.

  DON'T "top off" old solution in your contact lens case. Rather, discard old solution and replace it with fresh solution.

Once you get the hang of taking care of your contact lenses, the process becomes much easier. Your contact lenses will allow you to see perfectly without the weight of glasses on your face. You won't want to go back!