• Voioc® Eye Circle Lens Donut Grey Colored Contact Lenses V6202

Voioc® Eye Circle Lens Donut Grey Colored Contact Lenses V6202

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attention: applicable for all people !the actual color is the picture without eye,the actual color effect depends on the customer's eye color.

using light grey to adorn your eyes, voioc® ttdeye™ donut grey colored contact lenses can match with kinds of makeups, low-key yet clever, making a quite impression on others.

about donut grey contacts

1.color: the part near the pupil, we use a light brown color that similar to yellow, which add a bit of gentle and clever for you.
close to this brown color, the donut grey contact lenses adopt light grey, perfect match with light brown, letting your eyes natural and pretty.
2.figures: differ from polar lights blue-grey, donut grey circle lenses enjoy radioactive and gradual figures. 
cleverly using the gradation of color, imitate people real eyes, these pattern of voioc® ttdeye™ donut grey contact lenses let your eyes more real. 
3.well package: every voioc® ttdeye™ donut grey contacts order is well-packed.besides the small box full with laser element for donut grey lenses and the voioc® ttdeye™ brand box with color contacts and free gifts, we also use strong bag outside, all these measures we take all for your very well package of donut grey contacts. you can order with an easy mind. 
4.shipping track: different countries hold different shipping time. usually, you can receive your donut grey colored contact lenses for 2 weeks.
detail shipping information you can get below, or you can also track your donut grey parcel with the order number.

think into account of beauty and health, voioc® ttdeye™ donut grey makes you own charming eyes and explore the best style. 

5 smart features of donut grey lenses

1. multi-arc and smooth edge design make donut grey lens more docile. reduce the friction between lens and cornea on donut grey circle lenses, which offer a comfortable and easy state for your eyes. 
2.40% water content, which is accepted lens water content makes your eyes breath freely. 
3. the dual moisturizing design avoids water loss effectively, keep your eyes watery and comfortable all day long. 
4.yearly usage. like other voioc® ttdeye™ color contacts, donut grey circle lenses are yearly disposable, the first class materials and advanced sandwich painting tech can keep donut grey contacts bright all year. 
5.similar with voioc® ttdeye™ hd grey contact lenses. 

      water content: 40%
      thickness: 0.004mm 
      texture: polymacon 
      base curve: 8.6mm 
      diameter: 14mm~14.5mm 
      period of use: 12 months
      packaging: 1 pair(2 lenses)+1 mirror +1 case