• Voioc® Eye Circle Lens Amber Grey Colored Contact Lenses V6199

Voioc® Eye Circle Lens Amber Grey Colored Contact Lenses V6199

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attention: applicable for all people !the actual color is the picture without eye,the actual color effect depends on the customer's eye color.

want natural and pretty eyes? voioc® ttdeye™ amber grey colored contact lenses will be your smart choice.

just as the name implies,voioc® ttdeye™ amber grey looks like lucid amber, clear and natural.

we mainly use light brown color near inner ring of amber grey colored contacts, then adopt light grey the rest part of contacts, on the one hand, this design avoids boring and unitary that only use one single color, on the other hand, the light brown color also add young and smart features. 
in a word,all you dream for your eyes, natural, fashion and charming,voioc® ttdeye™ amber grey contact can meet.

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6 smart features of amber grey contacts

1.sweet and fresh style. as well as delicate grain based on people real eyes, offer you natural and clear eyes, just like perfect amber. 
2. adopt brand-new design concept and first class silicone hydrogel materials, as well as so many tiny gas port used on the lens, put voioc® ttdeye™ amber grey contacts high breathability, making your eyes breath freely. 
3. at the same time, voioc® ttdeye™ also design shrink layer on amber grey contact lenses,which can retard moisture volatilizes, keep your eyes moisture all daylong, offering you 100% comfortable experience.
4. uv protection function can protect your pupil health, which isolates the ultraviolet light effectually, giving our eyes more protection.
5. yearly disposable. first class color lenses materials and advanced sandwich painting tech ensure voioc® ttdeye™ amber grey color contact lenses bright and high quality all year. 
6. suitable for all people. widely used for many occasions, such as parties, balls, stages and so on.

when you are becoming more beautiful, you are the focus of others; when you are capable, you are respectable. change yourself and you will be confident enough to realize your dream gradually!

water content: 38%
thickness: 0.004mm 
texture: polymacon 
base curve: 8.6mm 
diameter: 14mm~14.5mm 
period of use: 12 months
packaging: 1 pair(2 lenses)+1 mirror +1 case