• Voioc® Eye Circle Lens Real Khaki Colored Contact Lenses V6123

Voioc® Eye Circle Lens Real Khaki Colored Contact Lenses V6123

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attention: applicable for all people! the actual color is the picture without eye,the actual color effect depends on the customer's eye color.deep green edge and yellow-green inner ring make the reflection of comparatively green color in your view!
features:embedded coloring process - prevent pigment from adhering to cornea
the pigment doesn't contact cornea directly/ rest assured use.uv protection function - protecting the health of pupil
isolating effectively the ultraviolet light that causes cataract and other eye diseases/ giving your eyes more protection.smooth edge design -comfortable feeling
smooth edge is designed for real pupil. natural and comfortable/ and no foreign body sensation.non-ionic raw material - against stains
protein and other stains are not easy to attach/ keeping your eyes moist all day.yearly use - effectively preserve moisture for one yearsimilar to crystal ball yellow-green colored contact lenses and euramerican brown-green contact lenses.specification:

water content: 38%~45%
thickness: 0.004mm
texture: polymacon
base curve: 8.5mm~8.6mm
period of use: 12months
packaging:1 pair(2 lenses)